HI-TEC® HTS74 unveils it’s new AW18 Collection, which continues to celebrate the iconic Silver Shadow RGS outsole while introducing new inspiration from the original 1990’s Hi-Tec® Adventure Racing Series.

This original footwear range named, the Adventure Racing Series, successfully brought together the brand’s heritage in both sportswear and outdoor. It was the inspiration for the brand’s proprietary HI-TEC® Adventure Racing Series born in 1996, which recognized a gap for sportsmen and runners who were also looking for adventure outdoors and had a multi-sport mindset.

The brand’s AW18 lookbook concept of a Studio Garden with the play on adventure is a unique & creative display of that growth rooted in the brand’s inspiration for the range. If you look closely, you might even see a teaser or two for the upcoming SS19 HI-TEC® HTS74 first ever apparel collection.

A reflection of the past to set the path of the future. The SS18 campaign includes old video footage with the brand’s old slogan ‘Inspired By Life’, representing the fusion of new and old. The reflection of two overlaid pictures is captured to show the history and nostalgia of sports and outdoor combined with the future of the HTS74 brand. With this campaign, Hi-Tec is looking forward to the future where HTS74 will use new technical fabrics in its historic footwear designs.